Boiler Plus has delivered on efficiency, says HHIC

One year on from the introduction of Boiler Plus legislation in April 2018, the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) is lauding the scheme for having  encouraged innovation within the industry and delivered a greater range of heating system products for consumers to choose from.

Commenting on Boiler Plus, Stewart Clements, Director of the HHIC, says:

“Mandating certain controls, such as programmable timers and modern thermostats, is leading the market to develop new products and improve existing ones to cater for the increased demand. The range of products available for controlling domestic heating systems was already rapidly developing. Boiler Plus complimented and accelerated this trend by making consumers more aware of the many options for enhancing the efficiency of their system.”

Steward Clements says that many installers were already fitting the technology specified in Boiler Plus as standard, so ‘challenges’ have been minimal. However, these changes have necessitated more conversations between installers and their clients about the options that are available to meet Boiler Plus.

“There are differing opinions across the industry regarding Boiler Plus,” continues Stewart. “Some felt it went too far and many others would suggest it didn’t go far enough, some may see it as legislation simply catching up with industry standards, and they are not wrong. We need to remember there is a cost to the consumer at the end of every installation.

“The Boiler Plus policy was delivered collectively through the platform of HHIC to act as a catalyst towards improving the UK’s energy efficiency. The European energy label regulation introduced in 2015 has encouraged boiler manufacturers to develop more energy efficient products which has been recognised in the Boiler Plus legislation by setting a minimum boiler efficiency of 92% for all gas boilers.”

HHIC suggests there are a number of areas where Boiler Plus could extend:

  • Mandatory Boiler Plus beyond the combi boiler market.
  • Mandatory Boiler Plus for new build heating system installations.
  • Annual boiler servicing.
  • Installation best practice (such as hydraulic balancing)
  • Heating system treatment and protection

For now, HHIC says it will continue to support the wider industry through helpful guides, representation, and organisation of collaborative work.

You can find HHIC installer guidance on Boiler Plus here

You can find HHIC consumer guidance on Boiler Plus here

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