Bosch launches thermal camera

Bosch Professional has added an extra dimension to its power tool and measuring device range with the launch of a high-quality thermal camera. The Bosch GTC 400 C Professional Thermal Camera has been developed to provide electricians, plumbers, builders and other trade professionals a tool that provides a competitive advantage at an affordable price. 

Useful in a wide range of applications, the thermal camera can be used for installation and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, electrical systems, windows, drywalls and building insulation. Just point the device at the work area and quickly gain a clear and reliable picture of the conditions to be tackled. Its measurements, which include thermal images, visual images and temperature values, accurately show the pattern of heat distribution across the room or feature surveyed.

The thermal camera will reveal, for example:

  • Locations and courses of cables and heating pipes in walls and floors
  • Sources of draughts, dampness, water intrusion and pipe leakage
  • Weak points and overloads in electrical installations
  • Condition and effectiveness of heat insulation
  • Functionality of heating systems, and presence of radiator vents

Issues which are difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye become clearly evident through high-resolution coloured pictures, which are easy to interpret and demonstrate to a client. Visualisation is exceptionally sharp thanks to high pixel counts. 

The device is equipped with a visual camera as well as an infrared sensor. This allows a thermal image to be easily superimposed onto a photo of the workplace, helping to put the data into context.

Bosch connectivity enables rapid transmission of images and data, wirelessly, to your smartphone or tablet, via the thermal camera’s inbuilt WiFi Hotspot and the Bosch Measuring Master app. You can share them immediately with your client, even while you are still on site. The device also has a micro USB, through which you can quickly move those files to your computer, using GTC transfer software, and on to your client in a report format.

With the GTC 400 C, measurement takes seconds, problems are spotted and acted upon sooner, and accurate information avoids time-wasting errors by ensuring that project plans are based on sound knowledge.

The camera’s highly intuitive interface makes it simple to take precise measurements and produce professional outputs. At a price that fits the average tradesperson’s budget, you can present your clients with pictures and documentation of the quality they might expect from, say, an architect.

Other user-friendly features include a large (3.5 inches) colour display, robust construction and IP53 sealing against dust and splashing water. Power supply is flexible, offering a choice between 12 V Li-ion battery packs and standard alkaline AA batteries.

 The Bosch GTC 400 C Professional Thermal Camera is available now from specialist retailers at a recommended retail price of £900. This price excludes VAT and is subject to change.

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