Communicate with your power tools

A new range of connected tools and measuring devices that work with a phone or tablet via Bluetooth for sending, receiving and storing information has been developed by Bosch. A small connectivity module can be bought with a connected power tool or purchased separately and simply slotted in later. Connected tools and their users will be able to communicate via a free downloadable Bosch Toolbox app, which accesses a growing range of time and effort-saving aids.

Planned key capabilities of the Bosch connectivity system include asset management and tool location, tool registration and personalised settings, fault alerts, condition and usage reports, with additional functionalities integrated as they evolve.

Marketing Director Steve Hillier explains: “Bosch connectivity not only puts users a step ahead of their competitors today, but future-proofs their businesses by equipping tools to benefit from continuing advances. The range of functions offered by the Toolbox app will go on expanding and, looking further ahead, the connectivity module will be easy to upgrade or replace if developments require it.”

Four new power tools with connectivity are now available: the GSB 18 V-60 and V-85 C Professional Combi Drills, GSR 18 V-85 C Professional Drill Driver and GWS 18 V-125 SC Professional Angle Grinder. Each features brushless EC motors, along with protection and control systems. KickBack control, precision clutch and LED afterglow are among the functions which can be adjusted, personalised and memorised via the app.

As an added incentive, anyone buying one of these connected power tools complete with connectivity module before 30 June can use the app to claim a Withings ‘Activité Steel’ activity tracker, worth over £135.

Also available are two new connected levelling devices, the GCL 2-50 C and CG Line Lasers, each featuring a strong green laser light and a user-friendly design. They offer remote angle adjustment as one of their key connectivity advantages.

“These connected tools, and the comprehensive range that will follow them, offer a new way of working that’s faster, smarter, more efficient and future-proof,” Steve Hillier adds. “Together with our Toolbox app, they will allow you to upgrade yourself as well as your equipment.”

For a chance to win the new connected GSB 18 V-60 C professional combi drill and the GCL 2-50 C line laser, along with other goodies, click here.

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