Headlamp frees your hands to work

When you need both hands to work in dark spaces, the Pathfinder LED headlamp will illuminate the area with a clear, white beam of light. It straps on to your head and a provides 135º adjustable angle to suit the situation. It can be used in dark lofts, under sinks or even outside for activities like dog walking, running and camping.

There are four modes to choose from: Power Save using one LED; Bright using 8 LEDs; Ultra Bright using all 21 LEDSs, or Blinking Alert, to signal distress in emergencies. Powered by three AAA batteries, the headlamp will offer full-power light until the battery goes down to 15%. In addition, the battery has a life of 200 hours in the discharged mode.

Adjustability and versatility are two other user-friendly properties of this headlamp. It not only comfortably fits around your head with the adjustable anti-slip band, but also allows you to wear it for long hours without any discomfort. The single-hinge headlamp body construction allows you to adjust your light beam in your preferred position.

The Pathfinder is available from Amazon

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