KalGUARD offers maximum benefits for limescale control

Limescale control is recommended for any business located within a hard water area, and especially those that rely on the availability of hot water, such as restaurants, care homes, schools, leisure facilities and hotels. If left unchecked, limescale can lead to problems such as higher energy bills (British Water estimates that just 1.6mm of limescale can increase a heating system’s fuel requirement by up to 12%), as well as premature repairs, breakdowns and replacement of secondary hot water system components and appliances, business downtime, and unnecessary, unplanned capital expenditure.

To inhibit the buildup of limescale, KalGUARD from Sentinel Commercial is a scientifically- and independently-proven limescale control device which uses unique driven electrolytic technology. What’s more, KalGUARD is arguably the best limescale control device on the market in terms of overall cost-effectiveness, performance, ease of installation and maintenance.

The only methodology approved in Part L
KalGUARD, which comprises a zinc anode unit, water meter and controller, permanently ‘conditions’ water by dosing it with a very low level of stable zinc. This is achieved via a controlled electrolytic process, which uses a powered zinc anode and a copper cathode, forcing naturally-occurring calcium carbonate crystals to form as soft, non-deposit-forming aragonite rather than hard, deposit-forming calcite (limescale). Electrolytic technology is the only powered device-led methodology to be recommended by UK Building Services Compliance Guide to Part L. Furthermore, independent testing undertaken at Cranfield University has proven KalGUARD’s ability to reduce limescale.

Permanent limescale prevention
Forget temporary limescale control – KalGUARD continuously alters the chemical composition of calcium carbonate crystals for long-lasting protection and complete peace of mind.

Not LSI dependent
KalGUARD does not rely on water chemistry and ambient temperature having a positive Langelier Saturation Index (LSI), so there is never any need for extra units or additional water analysis and liaison between manufacturer and designer. As a point of note, KalGUARD can be designed on demand, not just according to pipe size.

One KalGUARD treats an entire system
WRAS-approved KalGUARD is able to treat an entire system when installed on a rising main before pump and booster sets, providing a value-engineered solution to limescale control. There is no need for additional units to be purchased and installed at more than one location, such as where water draw-off is sparse and spasmodic.

Maximum flexibility
KalGUARD is proven to be suitable for successful use in conjunction with all types of heaters from leading OEM providers; there is no restriction for use with high heat flux density water heating equipment, such as continuous flow heaters, for example. This provides maximum flexibility for the designer or consulting engineer on choice of heater.

Minimal maintenance
Once commissioned, KalGUARD requires only a bi-annual service if the system filter is fitted. Moreover, no consumables are needed for its ongoing operation, while the zinc anode lasts up to 12 years.

KalGUARD comes in a range of sizes, from 22mm through to 108mm. The system is already installed in thousands of commercial facilities across the UK, including those belonging to major supermarkets, leading hotel chains, universities, and international fast food outlets, providing proven energy, cost, and time saving limescale control.




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