Tests prove push-fit fittings can take the strain

Tectite Pro, the metal push-fit fitting from Pegler Yorkshire, has recently been put to the test – in more ways than one. Firstly, a UKAS accredited testing facility at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), which is capable of performing tests up to 1000 kN or Kilonewtons, was able to provide independent validation of the performance of the products. Following the successful results, the team at Pegler Yorkshire decided to put the fitting to the test in a unique way. The unconventional test involved the setting up of a lifting system using a Tectite Pro 54mm fitting. The joint took the strain of lifting the 1440kg Mercedes car off the ground for five minutes.

Eleanor Johnson, Tectite Market Manager, explains: “It’s sometimes difficult to convey the actual strength of our fittings to those that have not yet experienced them, so what better way than to physically show their capabilities! The image of a car being lifted off the ground is quite arresting and certainly shows the immense strength of Tectite.

“We could have continued the test for quite sometime as there was no sign of the fitting being under any pressure during the five minutes it was lifting the weight,” adds Eleanor. “This is clearly not a conventional test by any means and not what our fittings are actually designed to be used for. However, it enables our customers to visualise its performance and strength which can only reassure them that Tectite will provide a guaranteed joint under the most extreme conditions.”

The Tectite range, the first push-fit fitting to receive the BSI Kitemark BS EN 1254-6:2012 certification, is suitable for jointing with a wide range of tube materials, including copper, flexible metal, PEX and PB and a variety of steel including stainless and carbon. Additional features include non-demountable and demountable options.

For further information about  Tectite fittings visit www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk.


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