5 reasons to opt for single zone kits

When a home undergoes renovation or extension work, it’s a good time to consider installing UFH, and a single zone kit can make the process quicker and easier. Here, Nu-Heat Technical Advisor Rachel Roberts offers tips on selecting the right kit for the job at hand.

With larger household extensions accounting for 75% of all UK planning applications, along with the numerous extensions, conversions and renovations carried out under Permitted Development Rights, it pays to be able to offer your customers quality heating solutions for single areas as well as whole properties. Underfloor heating kits offer a practical and easy-to-install solution for single zone projects.

Giving greater interior design freedom and a warm feel underfoot – even on tiles – it’s easy to see why homeowner demand for UFH is high. With many thousands of homes undergoing extension or renovation work, UFH kits offer a huge opportunity for you to grow your business and tap into the home improvement market.

Suitable for extensions and single zone renovations, there are a huge variety of UFH kits on offer, providing solutions that are as unique as the homes in which they are installed. While choice is invariably a good thing, how can you confidently pick the right product for the property?

Here are five top tips for selecting the right UFH kit for your next single zone project.

1  Choose quality

Buying UFH in kit form does not mean that you need to compromise on quality. Look for a kit that includes the same high quality components that you would expect from a fully designed UFH system, along with a step-by-step installation guide and free technical support.

2  Consider the weight of the UFH system

One of the most important considerations for upper floor projects is the weight of the UFH system. Not only is it crucial to work within the weight limitations of the property structure, but choosing a lightweight system will save unnecessary stress and strain on your back. Specialist retrofit solutions, like our LoPro Lite UFH system, consist of lightweight, high-density EPS (expanded polystyrene) boards which have an excellent point load strength, and are designed to be versatile and easy to fit.

3  Opt for a low-profile system

It is especially important to consider the total height build-up of the system when running UFH between different areas of the property, for instance throughout an open-plan kitchen-diner which occupies the combined space of a pre-existing room and new extension. Choosing a low-profile UFH system will minimise any disruption to fixtures and fittings and help to avoid awkward changes in floor level, creating a professional finish. Look out for super-slim UFH systems which add as little as 15mm total height build-up.

4  Ditch the screed for a quicker install

Choosing a completely dry UFH system makes for a speedier install for you and less upheaval for the homeowner. With no waiting around for the compound to dry, other trades can continue to work and floor coverings can be fitted immediately.

Remember that choosing a screed-free UFH kit does not have to mean a reduction in performance. Specialist UFH kits use heat enhancing diffuser plates for even heat distribution and much quicker response times than many screed alternatives.

5  Choose a system with pre-routed channels for the tube

Make life easier for yourself by choosing an UFH system where the channels for the tube are already in place. Pre-routed panels and boards make it straightforward to run the tube around the room and back to the manifold, changing direction when needed. They also hold the tube securely in place without the need for any additional clips or staples.

Choosing the right UFH kit starts with selecting the right supplier. A good supplier will be able to advise which UFH solution will work best in the property to provide an efficient, controllable heat, and support you through the installation process.


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