Adjustable head on Riello burner for domestic applications

The new RDB…BX from Riello has been designed to include many features which precisely control and drive the air flow through the burner to achieve low NOx combustion that meets the latest ErP regulations. There is also the additional feature of an adjustable head. 

Adjustable head technology is normally found on larger commercial and industrial burners. It is used to control the secondary air flow around the flame and is adjusted when setting the burner at differing outputs within its range. It can also be used as an aid to help ‘trim’ the burner by making minor adjustments to the position to suit specific installation requirements, such as draught conditions.

All Riello RDB…BX burners are fully tested and pre-set to the relevant boiler specifications prior to leaving the factory. However, due to the critical nature of low NOx combustion, variable installation factors such as environmental and field conditions can have a greater influence on performance than on previous RDB ‘T’ series burners. To address this, the RDB…BX’s adjustable head can be used by the installer to slightly increase or decrease the secondary air flow within the blast tube and thus improve performance/emissions.

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