Aerator stops the spout splashes

New from Neoperl is an aerator designed to open slowly and delay the initial high flow of water from a tap, preventing any splashing when the kitchen tap is first turned on.

The ‘smooth open’ aerator incorporates an integral damping element that ensures a deliberate delay in the flow range and prevents heavy spray when the water hits the sink. It’s also easy to retrofit onto a tap, providing a solution to any splashing problem.

The device is especially suitable for taps with a large drop height between the spout and sink and is also useful for electronic taps. The smooth open feature is available as an aerated or laminar (non-aerated) water stream and there are versions available in standard sizes to suit many taps. 

Aerators shape the water to produce a non-splashing stream, and add air to make the water pleasantly soft. Combined with a flow regulator, they control the flow of water, reduce plumbing noise and save water. 

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