Airgap 6000 Series: adjustable cistern fill valve completely eliminates backflow

Fluidmaster’s next generation fill valve has been launched in the UK. Claimed to be the only bottom-inlet toilet value needed for the back of the van, the Airgap 6000 Series is fully compliant with UK Water Fittings Regulations. 

Described as an essential for anyone who has responsibility for installing, repairing or maintaining toilets, Fluidmaster’s Airgap 6000 has been introduced in the UK to deal with the issue of ‘blue water’*. 

Stats and Facts: Water Saving with the Airgap 6000 Series

·         29.1 million UK households

·         Average household occupancy 2.5 

·         Average daily flushes of loo is 5 per person

·         Figures from NCC say the Airgap 6000 saves up to 1 litre per flush

·         If every toilet in the UK was fitted with a delayed-fill Airgap valve, enough water would be saved to meet the consumption needs of the entire population of Wales; including drinking, bathing, washing dishes and clothes, brushing teeth, car washing and more!

As the only available adjustable solution, the new fill valve contains all the high-performance features for which Fluidmaster products are renowned, whilst simultaneously complying with required standards and regulations.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, working with water companies, test laboratories and WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme), the new generation Airgap range is the only BS1212 compliant height adjustable fill valve which completely eliminates backflow. Other key features include: easy ‘no tool’ service; quiet refill with the spiral flow Vortex Generator; unhindered performance at low and high pressures; delayed / non-delayed side and bottom entry; plastic and brass fixings available.

The flexible Airgap 6000 solution has been carefully engineered to fit virtually all cisterns on the market, with quick and simple adjustment options making it an adaptable and valuable addition to every plumber’s kit. 

As well as providing a much-needed solution to the issue of ‘blue water’, the Fluidmaster team are eager to share knowledge to the industry about this problem, to ensure that installers, specifiers and water companies themselves are all aware of this compliance matter. 

Andrew Craig, technical director, says: “Our new Airgap 6000 is an important tool in solving the issues resulting from blue water backflow. We have a talented technical design team and our own dedicated testing facilities, which have enabled us to create this next generation product range. 

“In addition, the unique adjustable nature of the Airgap 6000 means that ‘one size fits all’; reducing the amount of stock which needs to be carried and ensuring that the right part can be sourced and installed quickly and easily.”

For more information about the Airgap 6000 and other Fluidmaster products visit: 

*What is Blue Water? 

In early 2019, water companies issued new guidance on the subject of a cistern backflow problem, which has become known as ‘blue water’. 

The problem was identified after customer complaints of blue water coming out of their taps. Careful investigation revealed that in certain conditions ‘blue water’ created by cistern cleaning tablets was able to flow back into the main supply pipe and contaminate the customers’ water supplies. 

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