All you need to complete a UFH project

Compatible for use with heat pumps, solar panels or any existing gas/oil boilers, the Wundatherm underfloor heating system from Wunda Group has been designed to be laid by any competent tradesmen.

The Wundatherm system features lightweight low profile boards, just 16 or 20mm thick, which are suitable for any floor finish including carpet, vinyl, laminate, wood, ceramic and stone tiles. Once installed, the floor heating pipe can be laid into the pre-formed grooves in the boards and the system is ready for immediate use.

There are also different pump sets available to go with the manifold, and hassle-free auto-balancing actuators which adjust flow rates. To complement the whole system, there is a range of matched traditional hard-wired thermostats, as well as wireless and smart controls via an app on mobile devices to offer users complete remote control.  

Free technical support is available six days a week, and the company provides detailed layout plans for all bespoke systems free of charge to trade customers. 



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