Backing for National Burn Awareness Day

In support of National Burn Awareness Day (16th October), the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) is raising awareness about the number of people burned or scalded every day and promoting its own Hot Water Burns campaign.

BMA CEO Tom Reynolds says: “The BMA offers its wholehearted support to National Burn Awareness Day.  The day is an important part of the burns awareness calendar and supports our Hot Water Burns campaign, which aims to stop scalding by hot water in the bathroom by promoting the use of thermostatic mixing valves, taps and showers.”

Recent figures show that across the board, (children and adults), scalds are the most common cause of burn injury, representing 43% of acute burn injuries. It is estimated that on average 110 children per day are seen in emergency departments with burn injuries.

“We know that many of these injuries are preventable by controlling the temperature of hot water in the bathroom, it only takes a second to get a deep burn in hot water when the temperature is at 70⁰C,” adds Tom. “Our Hot Water Burns website includes a wealth of information about how to avoid scalding by retro fitting thermostatic mixing valves, choosing thermostatic showers and how to convert taps that are thermostatic. We hope that many more organisations lend their support to National Burn Awareness Day this year and we can all contribute to making a tangible difference.”

The BMA Hot Water Burns Like Fire website can be found here

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