Baths with easier access

Bathroom and tile supplier, Easy Bathrooms, has launched a range of accessible baths and accessories that allow safe, easy access for small en-suites or large master bathrooms. Six baths have been introduced as part of the ‘Easy Living’ range, alongside complementary accessories and parts.

The Vestra bath is 945 x 170mm, including a screen and an electronically-operated glass door that remains locked until all water has been drained, providing peace of mind for the buyer that leaks will be avoided. The low-threshold height also gives the user easy access.

The Truo unit has similar features, but is also available in high gloss black. Munro is the smallest unit in the range, at 650 x 900mm, with an inward-opening door and a moulded seat.

Neil Bell, Head of Retail at Easy Bathrooms, says: “These baths are designed specifically to help the end user to live a more comfortable life, while ensuring the fitter maximises the use of space, even in the tiniest of rooms.”

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