Big plans for the UK oil burning market

ELCO Burners may be a new name to the UK market, but the company believes that the introduction of its new oil-fired burner range will be welcome news to installers and service engineers. PHAM News talks to MD Giuliano Conticini about the company’s plans to work closely with both manufacturers and heating engineers.

Part of the Ariston Thermo Group, ELCO Burners has over 90 years experience in the design and production of burners for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets. The company’s new EKL oil-fired burner range is the result of an extensive development programme, which ELCO Burners believes to be a major advance in com-bustion technology.

Why is this a good time to enter the UK and Ireland market?

The market will change in the next few years, not just in the UK and Ireland, but across the EU, with upcoming legislation driving manufacturers to develop new, highly efficient technologies. This September the new Energy-related Products Directive (ErP) will introduce new lower limits for NOx levels, which put the spotlight on the boilers and how manufacturers are managing the required changes in technology.

“At ELCO Burners, we believe we’re in a strong position to offer the market a new oil-fired burner with outstanding performance levels and superior levels of quality and reliability – which should be an attractive alternative to existing brands. We’ve been manufacturing burners for over 90 years, and over the last 25 years we have been developing low and ultra-low NOx solutions for the strictest markets. So we have the understanding and technical capabilities to create products that meet – and often exceed – the latest industry legislation, including those expected in 2022.”

Do you think the UK market should be approached any differently to the rest of Europe?

The UK and Ireland have a large number of oil-fired heating installations, but the technology used differs from other European oil markets – which makes the approach very different. Historically, the UK and Ireland have relied on ‘yellow flame’ technology, as there has not been any local legislation driving through new, alternative combustion technologies.

“However, due to the new ErP legislation, the UK and Irish markets are now having to adapt to low NOx technology and fully understand the ramifications to the industry. Indeed, everyone needs to update their knowledge and skillsets to effectively implement the latest oil-fired heating equipment.

“For example, it is imperative to correctly match combustion technology with low NOx burners, especially as boilers in the UK and Ireland are more compact. This requires burners to have small dimensions, a shorter flame, as well as higher ventilation levels.”

How important is the EKL launch compared to other milestones in the company’s history?

Incredibly important. ELCO Burners is already present throughout the world, especially in markets that require a high level of technical competence. So, we are taking our experiences and proven technologies from other sectors and applying them to the new EKL burner, which is a specific product for the UK and Ireland.

“However, the UK and Irish markets are incredibly well-established, which has made it difficult to enter them in the past. So we must be confident we can make a positive impact – which is only possible due to the decades of experience we have in manufacturing products for the sector.

“Needless to say, we’re sure the ELCO EKL burner will be a big success in the coming years – after all, low NOx technology is our field of expertise.”

The latest burner offers improved energy efficiency and reduced NOx emissions, but do you think burner technology could be advanced still further in the near future?

Absolutely! We have been ready with low NOx and blue flame technology for many years, which demonstrates how far we plan ahead!

“However, the other con-sideration is the need to provide boiler manufacturers with extra efficiency gains over the coming years and this will be achieved by offering high-end products. Currently, domestic oil burners installed in UK and Ireland are based on single stage operation only, with some manufacturers offering dual stage units. However, in addition to dual stage, ELCO can already offer fully modulating oil burners, which go beyond anything else currently available on the market – so there are plenty of advancements to be made!

“It’s also noteworthy that ELCO’s modulating technology is well trusted in the European market, with thousands of burners installed every year – which underpins our knowledge and experience in supporting the market with innovative and reliable solutions.”

What key features that will attract installers to consider switching from a brand that they are more familiar with?

From the serviceability side, installers and service engineers will certainly appreciate the clean combustion from the ELCO burner, thanks to the EKL’s impressive technology, including a very powerful ventilation system. We have also designed our burner with the installer/service engineer in mind. It can be installed, commissioned and serviced using a single Allen key, plus, it really is a ‘plug and play’ burner, with only two settings for pump and air pressure. Another useful feature is the burner’s ‘service position’, which allows installers/service engineers to have easy access to the main components.

“Performance wise, the new EKL burner is accomplished in all field conditions, with reliable starts and high ventilation levels that surpass any other burner present in the UK and Ireland. It also has extremely low CO emissions, smoke free running, and incredibly reliable operation, even in windy conditions.

“When it comes to reliability, ELCO Burners are developed and tested on an extensive range of boilers to ensure they meet all the appliance specifications. Also, every one of our burners is fully calibrated before leaving the factory, with each unit’s combustion parameters thoroughly checked. This alone is sure to be an influential factor in making the switch to ELCO Burners.

“It’s these sorts of features that can help an installer on a day-to-day basis and make their lives that bit easier.”

What can the company offer in terms of customer service and easy access to spare parts?

Our approach throughout the UK and Ireland is to work closely with boiler manufacturers to offer the appropriate level of support for the market. We know it is essential to offer good customer service and fast access to spare parts, so we have implemented suitable processes to guarantee the highest level of back-up.”

How important is installer training and what courses are available to UK and Ireland installers?

It’s essential we train installers in the UK and Ireland on ELCO burners, so we’ve invested in new courses that are specifically designed for the new EKL range. We’ve already begun training sessions at our Italy-based facilities for installers in the UK and Ireland, plus we’ll be launching new initiatives soon.”

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