Biomass delivers energy and money savings for Scottish hotel

A Scottish hotel located on the banks of Loch Ness is being heated by one of Windhager’s highly efficient, low-energy biomass boiler systems with the added benefit of  monetary savings. The Glenmoriston Arms Hotel has installed a Windhager 120kW BioWIN Excel Kaskade system housed inside an external BioCABIN, Windhager’s solution to a modular boiler house for commercial installations.

The 10 bedroom, stone built hotel has seen many years of expensive energy bills with its previous LPG and electric storage heating system but is now set to be about £26,700 better off each year with its new biomass system.

Windhager79 image2 high resThe boilers were specified by local installers, McInnes Renewables, after the hotel had decided to replace its entire heating system. Due to the location and build of the hotel, the LPG and electric storage heating system was found to be both inefficient and unsustainable with the large demand for heating and hot water during peak times.

Ailsa McInnes, Managing Partner of the Glenmoriston Arms Hotel, comments, “We are really delighted with our Windhager biomass system and how quick and easy the BioCABIN was to install. In comparison with our old system, it is efficient and affordable and we have been able to keep the hotel heated throughout the whole year for the first time, and I am able to control the amount of heat generated which helps to keep the costs down. The sustainable and cost-effective qualities of biomass and the RHI scheme have made it one of the best investments for the hotel.”

By completely replacing the previous LPG and electric storage heating system the hotel has received over £13,000 per year in energy savings with the additional payments of £13,560 from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, offering 4.18p per kWh generated.

The BioCABIN, housing two 60kW BioWIN Excel wood pellet boilers and a 1500 litre accumulator tank, was delivered to the hotel fully equipped for an easy, fast-track installation. The system was installed over the hotel’s shut down winter months to avoid having an unheated hotel whilst occupied, yet limited the time for completion.

Windhager’s BioCABIN is tailor-made to the requirements of each installation and comprises a fully equipped Windhager79 Image3 high resplant room and integrated wood pellet store. The insulated structural panel construction of the cabin is designed to be craned into position and relocated as necessary.

McInnes Renewables specified two 60kW BioWIN wood pellet boilers installed in a cascade system as a reliable, high-performance heating system. Suitable for applications with a high or variable heating demand, such as hotels or other large commercial properties, the BioWIN Kaskade system consistently provides heat to its maximum capability and produce an output of up to 240kW from up to four BioWIN Excel wood pellet boilers, depending on the heat demands of the property. The cascade system continues to work efficiently should a boiler need to be shut down for maintenance, as it continues to operate from the additional boilers, ensuring that the property is not unheated at any time.

Available in 10-60kW outputs, Windhager’s BioWIN Excel wood pellet biomass boiler can be installed in the smallest of rooms due to its compact design. The fully automated wood pellet feed system of the BioWIN Excel allows its users to simply switch on the system and leave it to work. The low-maintenance qualities of the boiler, including its patented cleaning mechanism and integrated ash container, ensures that it does not require day-to-day attention and only needs to be emptied three times per year.

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