Boiler AR app updated with latest technology

The augmented reality (AR) service from Ideal Commercial Boilers has been updated to incorporate the latest Apple and Google AR technology.

The Ideal Commercial Eye app brings boilers to life by placing 3D renders of the company’s condensing boiler range over ‘real life’ images through the camera in a smartphone or tablet.

By simply scanning their environment and choosing a product from the library, specifiers and contractors will see the boilers they selected being displayed automatically scaled to their surroundings. If required, boilers can be made smaller or larger or spun through 360°.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices and is free to download. Numerous versions of each of the boilers in Ideal Commercial’s Condensing boiler range are available in 3D, including the recently launched Evomax 2 wall hung boiler and cascade options. 

Steve Brownett-Gale, marketing manager at Ideal Commercial Boilers, says: “In response to the constantly evolving technology in our industry, we wanted to make it easier for specifiers and contractors to be able to see our boilers in situ ahead of plans being completed. As smart devices play an increasingly important role in our industry, utilising the latest AR technology on our app allows for this part of the planning process to be hassle free.” 

To download the app, search ‘Ideal Commercial Eye’ in your device’s app store. The content in the app is provided from Building Information Modelling (BIM) Objects of Ideal Commercial’s boiler range, which can be downloaded from

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