Boiling water tap adds a bit of Zen to the kitchen

The Zen 100°C boiling and chilled tap range from Hyco is said to be one of only a few true boiling 100ºC taps on the market.

The Zen Solo, Spa, Life and Ice taps offer a practical yet stylish solution. Taps offer combinations of 100°C boiling, filtered cold (ambient), chilled and sparkling water and kitchen mixer tap capabilities from a single outlet. The modular concept of the Zen range means the chosen tap can be tailored to meet individual requirements whilst being an energy efficient, reliable and safe option.

Aerogel insulation around a stainless steel boiling water tank makes this an energy efficient tap. Each cool touch boiling water tap has 360° swivel and features an LED status ring on the base of the tap to indicate ready/heating.

Tank capacities come in 3 and 6 litres, with everything required for a Zen tap installation being designed to fit efficiently within a standard size kitchen undersink cupboard.

Hyco showcase its range of boiling and chilled taps at Grand Designs Live, London Excel, 5th – 13th May 2018.


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