Brits rank the most unprofessional tradespeople

A new survey from bathroom and shower specialists asked 1644 Brits to identify who they believe to be the most ‘unprofessional’ tradespeople.

In the definition of ‘unprofessional’, respondents were asked to take into account the quality of work, price/rates charged, manners, punctuality and communication skills of tradespeople. found that the majority of Brits crown kitchen fitters (73%) as the most unprofessional tradespeople, compared to HVAC engineers who were considered by just 25% of respondents to be unprofessional – but 48% said plumbers were unprofessional.

69% think tilers are unprofessional, whilst 65% feel the same about builders. Floorers were ranked the most professional tradespeople – with only 22% classifying them as unprofessional.

The most ‘unprofessional’ tradespeople 
Kitchen Fitters 73%
Tilers 69%
Builders 65%
Roofers 60%
Drain and Sewer Specialists 57%
Painters/Decorators 54%
Bathroom Fitters 51%
Plumbers 48%
Carpenters 45%
Window Glaziers 42%
Plasterers 36%
Electricians 30%
Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineers 25%
Floorers 22%

Additionally, those surveyed were asked to identify the actions taken by tradespeople they deem to be the most unprofessional.

From this, Showerstoyou found that a tradesperson not turning up when arranged/agreed (81%) is the most unprofessional thing they could do.

76% do not appreciate being overcharged. Slightly below, 73% take issue with poor workmanship.

When on site, 68% of Brits don’t like it when a tradesperson frequently takes breaks, and 65% share the same sentiment about a tradesperson who is consistently on their phone.

On the other end, 42% get annoyed when a tradesperson takes advantage of their good hospitality (e.g. asking for too many hot drinks/biscuits etc.).

The most ‘unprofessional’ actions by tradespeople
Not turning up at all when arranged/agreed 81%
Overcharging 76%
Poor workmanship 73%
Being late constantly 70%
Being unnecessarily rude/aggressive 68%
Taking frequent breaks when on job 65%
On the phone consistently when on job 59%
Not gaining permission to use bathroom 54%
Not providing regular updates on progress 47%
Taking advantage of good hospitality (e.g. asking for too many hot drinks/biscuits etc.) 42%


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