Clear and consistent prices on bathroom products

With the aim of simplifying its pricing structure at its 16 bathroom showrooms, Graham Plumbers’ Merchant has announced that it will now use transparent pricing on all its displayed products. The company says that its new pricing structure will reduce the inconsistencies that come with traditional negotiated pricing. It will also remove the often uncomfortable need to negotiate a ‘best price’ – something that Graham’s research suggests is often a bug bear for installers and end users. In turn, this will free up showroom consultants to provide more expert advice and support getting the right product for a project.  

“Account customers may be concerned that their ability to negotiate on terms, and therefore secure a competitive price, has been reduced. However, they should rest assured that under this new pricing model our best, and very competitive prices, are available to everyone. The pricing also takes into account whether a customer is an end user looking for a competitive price from the outset or an account customer working with the showroom regularly and looking for a little extra support,” explains Derek Charge, showroom brand manager.  

 “All of our showroom consultants will now offer the same, consistent transparent pricing structure, visible on point of sale material, so that whichever showroom a customer enters, they know they will be able to secure the same product at the exact same price. Furthermore, those installers on our Elite Installer scheme will be able to make further savings on their regular purchases, an additional benefit to joining the scheme.”

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