Compact toilet syphon saves water

Described as the most compact toilet syphon on the market, the Dudley Turbo Edge from Tyde is guaranteed to fit into any lever-operated cistern, being 40% smaller than its predecessor.  

A light touch activation makes it easily operated by both the very young and the elderly. The Turbo Edge is height adjustable to fit all cistern sizes and offers a 6/7/9 litre volume adjustment, guaranteeing optimum flush performance. The Turbo Edge can be retrofitted on all existing Turbo downlegs.

Paul Weddle, Tyde’s business unit director, says: “We aimed to design a syphon that would provide plumbers, installers and designers with a versatile, easy-to-fit and easy-to-service solution that would be able to be installed even in the tightest of spaces. I am delighted to say that the Turbo Edge exceeds all those requirements and more.”

According to the company, flushing syphons offer robust, leak-free water saving performance that cannot be matched by push button activated flush and flapper valves. UK water companies have found that a leaking toilet, often caused by a leaking flush valve, will waste up to 215 litres of water, adding up to £200 in excess water charges per year per toilet to the homeowner.

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