Comparative carbon emissions service

Independent advisors on domestic heating costs, Sutherland Tables, has launched a new service that provides comparative figures for the CO2 emissions produced by home heating systems throughout the UK and Ireland (

The new Home Heating Carbon Emissions Table highlights the emissions produced by domestic heating systems for most common fuels across a range of standard house types and fuels, including electricity, natural gas, LPG, oil, wood pellets and heat pumps (both ground and air source).

Produced in easy-to-understand tables and graphs, the objective is to allow consumers, fuel suppliers and heating system manufacturers to make informed decisions on the road to decarbonising home heating.

“With the ongoing drive towards carbon zero, understanding where we currently stand in terms of CO2 emissions is essential as the first step towards carbon neutrality,” says Louise Friel from Sutherland Tables. “Only then can we devise a plan to reduce emissions and take steps towards a fully carbon neutral lifestyle.”

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