Consumers urged to save water in the bathroom

With the current heatwave predicted to last until the end of the summer and the imposition of the first hosepipe ban in England about to begin in the North West, the Bathroom Manufacturers Association has taken the opportunity to highlight the importance of persuading consumers to use water more wisely.

BMA CEO Yvonne Orgill says: “There is not enough awareness among consumers about how old water guzzling products can be replaced with more efficient products that can still deliver the experiences they have come to expect. Everyone knows about using an eco-friendly dual toilet flush but there are many other products, such as shower heads and taps that help reduce water consumption.

“Water conservation is an issue that we can no longer ignore. The Environment Agency has recently said that England is facing serious water supply shortages by 2050 unless rapid action is taken to curb water use and the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan suggests that domestic water use is reduced from  150 litres per person per day to just 80 litres.”

The BMA is a prime mover in promoting a single European wide water label for water-using bathroom products. The aim is to support governments in the quest to reduce water consumption by producing innovative and technologically advanced bathroom products that deliver the bathing experience consumers enjoy, but use less water, save energy and save money.

Commenting on the Water Label Scheme, Yvonne Orgill adds: “The benefits are clear both for consumers and manufacturers alike. The scheme provides consumers with easy access to a global database of over 140 brands and more than 10,000 bathroom products that meet the required high water and energy saving industry standards, while manufacturers who have products listed in the online water label database can be identified by a credible, recognisable label and are known to be winning orders against their competitors who don’t.

“It’s important that we all play a part in conserving our water supply by encouraging consumers to use it wisely and opt for water-saving products. Retailers, installers and merchants can play their part by keeping up to date with the most water efficient products and if more people begin to ask them for products with The Water Label, we can make a real difference as an industry.”

The Water Label Scheme, which has 63 high profile supporters, helps consumers to make an informed choice by providing easy access to a database of bathroom products that when installed and used correctly will deliver environmental and cost-saving benefits. The new Water Label website can be found here:

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