Copper challenge crowns Prince as winner

The annual Copper Challenge for full time Level 1 students, run by Reading College, has come to a finish and Jamie Prince has been named the winner.

The students were tasked with making a household item made from a maximum of 750mm of copper tube and a maximum of 10 end feed capillary fittings. Three weeks were dedicated to this challenge from initial design stage to final completion, giving students a creative way to practice their measuring and soldering skills.

The competition was spilt into the three classes, with a winner and a runner up from each class. The winner from each class won a tool box and a selection of tools and the runner up received a measuring tape. The competition was judged by all full time and apprentice plumbing students and all construction staff members voting for their favourite in each class.

The top three winners were then entered into an online Twitter competition to win a 240v SDS Bosch Drill, hosted and sponsored by Peter Booth (@PBplumber), a plumbing and gas engineer from Loughborough. The competition sparked great interest on social media and was seen by over 8000 people. Votes were cast mainly by plumbers on social media, although other tradesmen and members of the public voted as well.

The final winner was Jamie Prince, who designed a copper key ring holder in the shape of a key.

Enda McBrien, Plumbing Lecturer, says: “I would like to thank Peter Booth for getting in contact with us to arrange this competition, and for sponsoring the prizeThe competition provided a brilliant platform for our students to showcase their talents to the industry.”

Peter Booth adds: “I love the plumbing trade and am very passionate about promoting plumbers and the high standard of work we do. I especially like to encourage young people to take up the trade. So when I saw on Twitter the great and innovative copper creations Enda and guys at Reading College were getting their students to complete, I jumped at the chance to get involved and help run a competition for the level 1 students and use my social media influence to showcase their work and give them the feeling of pride you get from doing an excellent job. I was blown away with the creativity and the high quality of work the students produced – the future of the industry is very bright. So well done all involved.”

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