Detect the conditions in the tundish

The company behind the Hotun dry-trap tundish – a product that safely and compliantly routes relief valve discharge to drain – has now unveiled the Hotun Detect. The new device from RA Tech builds on its predecessor by offering a proactive warning for boilers and unvented cylinders.

The Hotun Detect has an electronic sensor which detects both the flow and temperature of water present in the dry-trap tundish. It then provides a visual and audible indicator as a simple identifier for homeowners.

The design allows precise siting of the sensor, avoiding false alarms while still providing an alert, even in a trickle flow scenario. Its clip-on design also means it can be fitted in seconds and is retrofittable onto all previously installed Hotun dry-trap tundishes.

 “The Hotun dry-trap tundish not only made it easier to route the relief valve discharge to drain, it also made diagnosing that the valve had discharged simpler too,” explains Russell Armstrong, MD at RA Tech. “The Hotun Detect takes this a step further by audibly and visually alerting a homeowner or installer that there may be an issue with a system, if the relief valve is activated. By enabling this step change from passive to active warning, remedial work can be carried out before a breakdown or other serious problem, saving time and money for installers and their customers.”

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