Don’t neglect gas safety in the summer

The Gas Safe Register is highlighting the importance of the regular servicing and inspection of gas appliances, pointing out that this is just as important in the summer as the winter. Nearly 1300 sites were identified as unsafe by Gas Safe’s inspection teams last summer due to dangerous gas appliances, 18% higher than the number of unsafe sites recorded in winter months.

The cities where the most unsafe gas appliances were found last summer are:

  1. London (277)
  2. Birmingham (89)
  3. Coventry (45)
  4. Cardiff (41)
  5. Newcastle (38)
  6. Manchester (34)
  7. Sheffield (34)
  8. Norwich (33)
  9. Edinburgh (26)
  10. Nottingham (24)

Despite these findings, a survey of more than 2000 UK adults found that one in five (19%) would only consider getting their gas appliances checked if they stopped working. Unsafe gas appliances resulted in 201 call outs from the fire and rescue services last year, so Gas Safe is calling for people to get their gas appliances checked by a suitably qualified engineer if it’s been a year or more since they were last looked at.

Jonathan Samuel, Chief Executive of Gas Safe Register, comments:The sun may be shining but that doesn’t mean that checking your gas appliances can be left until later in the year when you may be cranking up your heating. Our inspections data shows that it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, your gas appliance could still put your health and home at risk if it’s not been safety checked recently. It’s important that gas appliances are checked regularly, we recommend on an annual basis so that you can have peace of mind that they are working safely and efficiently whilst making the most of the Great British summer.”

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