Drip-free oil filter for mess-free work

Anglo Nordic has redesigned its OFTEC-approved oil filter that can be changed without oil dripping from the screw point. Developed based on feedback from oil installers around the country, the design allows engineers to loosen the main bolt and remove the bowl without oil running out through the hole.

Styled in the classic oil filter shape, the internal design forms an oil-tight seal around the bolt, allowing the bowl to be removed without the normal mess. Until now the process of changing a filter has been messy and inconvenient, with oil frequently leaking out and onto an engineer’s hands.

This new oil filter offers an OFTEC approved product with the convenience of a non-drip design at the same price. Available with either ¼ or 3/8 inch connections, the Crosland equivalent style filter can be used with diesel, kerosene and biofuel blends up to B35, so the unit can simply and easily replace existing filters. A ‘universal’ replacement element and seal kit is available that can be used both with this filter and other Crosland equivalent style filters.


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