Dynamic thermostatic radiator valve

With the launch of the RadCon dynamic thermostatic radiator valve, Frese says it can now offer a complete product programme for the buildings segment, with the same benefits found in its other pressure independent valves.

The RadCon simplifies radiator systems in several ways. As with all of Frese’s products, it is said to be easy to commission due to the automatic balancing in the system. It is simply a question of presetting the required flow in litres/hour – no need to calculate KV values.

If the valves are installed in a system where the differential pressure does not exceed 70 kPa, there is no need for further regulating valves, which minimises investment and maintenance. The valve itself is also easy to maintain in case of clogging since the internals can be replaced.

The valve ensures high comfort for the user due to high precision temperature control. This is achieved by the PIV’s ability to prevent flow fluctuations in the radiator.

There are three radiator valves available in the range, which means they allow for installation in all types of piping – a straight valve, an angle valve and a reverse angle valve. 


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