Easy retrofit to improve tap performance

The latest PCA Dual Core Aerators from Neoperl have been designed to ensure a consistent flow in both high and low pressure environments. They can be retrofitted to a variety of taps to improve performance. 

The aerators shape the water to produce a non-splashing stream and add air to make the water pleasantly soft. Combined with a flow regulator, they have been designed to control the flow of water, reduce plumbing noise, and save water and energy. 

They work by using two dynamic control O-rings within the flow regulator, enabling high performance at both low and high pressure, particularly beneficial for the UK market. At low pressure they encourage a high flow rate due to a larger bypass section, and at high pressure the O-rings are pressed into the gaps between the teeth of the core, thus reducing the size of the opening for the water, leading to pressure independent flow rates.

All standard sizes are available in the new PCA Dual Core Aerator plus 1.2 gallons per minute (gpm), 1.5pgm and 2.1gpm, with further less popular specifications currently in preparation for launch later this year.


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