EcoCharger resumes play

As a cricket club in Camberley comes back into action after the lockdown period, it was looking for a new heating and hot water system. Lochinvar provided the answer with its EcoCharger and Heatpak solutions. 

Lochinvar has helped  Camberley Cricket Club replace its heating and hot water system following a series of breakdowns of its old equipment. Play might have been suspended for a large part of the summer, but as the club returns to life it required a reliable system for users of the facility.

The old heating and hot water system comprised a floor standing gas fired boiler and a Lochinvar Charger storage water heater. The Charger water heater had provided a reliable supply of hot water for showers, kitchen and various other hot water outlets for 20 years, and the boiler was of a similar age.

The club’s committee made the decision to replace both boiler and water heater and sought a number of alternative proposals. They were keen that the new system would be both reliable and have limited environmental impact thanks to reduced carbon emissions and improved operating efficiencies.

Good track record
Lochinvar proposed an EcoCharger gas fired condensing water heater together with a Heatpak space heating module, which would mean the club had the benefit of hot water and heating from a single, high efficiency product.

Club chairman Keith Halsey said the fact that the previous Lochinvar water heater had provided a reliable hot water supply for so many years played a part in their decision to use Lochinvar products once again. 

“Our previous experience with Lochinvar had been very positive so they were a strong candidate to be our supplier of choice,” he says. “An action plan was agreed and we were impressed with the details and timescales provided.

“Commissioning was completed after installation contractor KV Cooling Services and Lochinvar worked together to overcome some teething problems.”

EcoCharger water heaters are available in eight sizes with hot water outputs ranging from 540 to 2100 litres per hour, based on a temperature rise of 50ºC. They make use of condensing technology, which helps to achieve high operating efficiencies and are designed along the principles of low storage, but fast recovery of hot water. This means they are capable of meeting high peak hot water demands, such as from showers at the end of a match. The low storage helps to conserve fuel during periods of lower hot water demand.

The Heatpak space heating module is an ancillary option available with the EcoCharger range and can provide up to 40kW of low temperature hot water for UFH or radiator heating circuits.  

Heatpak is a particularly suitable option for applications like local sports club facilities, where there is peak demand for hot water, but lower constant space heating demand. The use of such a combined hot water and heating system can also save valuable plant room space. 

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