Efficient heating systems can clinch a sale

A quality heating system can make a big difference to selling a property, according to new research from boiler manufacturer Worcester Bosch in collaboration with The Property Centre estate agency.

According to last year’s sales statistics from The Property Centre, homes with a highly efficient boiler went under offer with three weeks 85% of the time. By contrast, only 15% of properties requiring a boiler upgrade in the coming years went under offer within three weeks.

On top of that, 90% of properties with efficient boilers and cheap running costs achieved 100% or more of the asking price, while 35% of properties that needed an upgrade to their boiler and had higher utility costs had to reduce in price in order to achieve a sale.

A property’s EPC rating is also a key factor buyers look at when viewing a home. Worcester Bosch states that by upgrading from a G-rated boiler to a more sustainable A-rated model (including TRV’s and a smart controller) can save up to £580 a year, while also increasing a property’s overall efficiency and desirability.

Martyn Bridges, director of technical services at Worcester, comments: “Older boilers can mean inefficiencies in fuel consumption, and future maintenance will be more difficult due to rarer replacement parts on the market. This means that future outgoings will be more likely than if you buy a property with a newer and better maintained system. For installers visiting customers who are looking to sell, this is a good time to promote boiler servicing or where necessary an upgrade.”

Oliver Davis, branch manager at The Property Centre, adds: “A new or well-maintained heating system visibly looks better too and helps give buyers confidence in the overall maintenance of the property as a whole.”

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