Electric UFH well in hand

Now available from Amber Underfloor Heating is a WiFi smart thermostat that doesn’t require a hub. The Amber Smart thermostat is sleek and contemporary in appearance and the additional features give complete control over the heating system from anywhere. Users simply program and adjust settings with an app to control different rooms. Additional thermostats can easily be added.

Besides the WiFi connection, this thermostat can also operate as a stand-alone unit. It is fully programmable with the user interface and touch buttons. An Open Window function is also included. When the temperature suddenly drops, the thermostat will automatically switch off, preventing additional electricity costs.

The smart thermostats are compatible with the Amber electric mats and decoupling membrane and heated cable system.

Amber Underfloor Heating is fully backed with a technical and design team who will be able to assist with all enquiries and offer a full design service. With a range of electric mats, decoupling membrane and heating cables, the company can act as a one-stop-shop for electric UFH and controls.   


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