Engineering services firms fear coronavirus impact

According to initial responses to a new engineering services survey, over nine in 10 businesses in the sector (93%) are ‘concerned or very concerned’ about the impact of coronavirus on their business over the next six months. Over 60% of respondents said that they are ‘very concerned’ about coronavirus while just 1% of respondents suggested they were ‘unconcerned’.

In the survey, organised by industry associations BESA, ECA and SELECT, half of the engineering services respondents (51%) said that they have already encountered ‘delays and disruptions to current projects’, with 61% of larger businesses reporting current disruption. Around half of respondents already report ‘delays and disruption to future work’. Some 53% said they were now ‘preparing business contingency plans’ as a result of developments, a figure which rose to 71% in larger businesses.

The most commonly cited business activity in response to coronavirus to date is ‘reducing business travel’ and ‘asking or allowing staff to work from home’, followed by ‘business contingency planning’. However, around 10% of businesses say they have ‘shut down at certain premises or sites’, and over 10% of respondents also say they are ‘updating their contracts’ and ‘looking into alternative suppliers’.

The survey, which is still live but closes at 4pm on 27th March, has already received over 600 responses from across the industry, including nearly 180 from larger businesses in the sector. It can be found at:

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