Expandable system makes it easy

A new whole house heat recovery ventilation system has been launched by Airflow.  The new Unohab system uses the latest, virtually silent, low energy EC motor technology with three ‘on demand’ speed settings (low, medium and boost) to ensure that quiet, continuous operation up to 45 m3/hr goes unnoticed by building occupants.

At its heart is an EPP insulated, dust repellent, ceramic heat exchanger which is capable of recovering up to 88% of otherwise wasted energy, which is then returned into the dwelling, contributing to savings in heating bills.

Dual Unohab units are designed to be installed in standard core drilled holes either in a single habitable room or with multiple dual units located in other rooms  (bedroom, lounge, dining, etc) which are linked to form a whole home ventilation system. They are small and aesthetically pleasing for wall mounting and can vent directly to outside through a grille. 

Alternatively, using a specially designed and insulated EPP plenum incorporated into the cavity wall they can be sited alongside a window. With a discrete ventilation grille incorporated into the window side soffit so that thermal bridging is not compromised, the installation is almost unnoticeable and there is no unsightly interruption to the exterior facing wall.           

Master control

Connected to a conveniently sited wall- mounted Unohab master controller, three different ‘intelligent’ control modes are available to the user.

The Heat Recovery Mode function uses an alternating flow technique. Warm air is extracted from the room through a ceramic exchanger which absorbs heat that would otherwise be lost. The ceramic core provides an effective medium for heat storage and builds up warmth over a sample period of one minute. At the end of this period the fan automatically and quietly reverses direction and draws cooler outdoor air into the unit. The incoming air is straightened and then heated by the warm ceramic exchanger before passing through an efficient G4 filter to return warmed, clean, fresh air back into the dwelling.

Working in tandem with another Unohab unit located across the room, the same processes occurs simultaneously but with the opposite function operating at the same time, ie: one unit supplying air, one unit extracting air. In this way a balanced air flow movement is created within the room so that any generation of an internal negative pressure, which would adversely affect equipment performance, is avoided.           

Selecting the Cross Ventilation Mode enables ventilation without heat recovery. By cancelling the fan reversing function and automatically switching one Unohab to extraction and the other to supply, a low flow, draught free airstream is created across the room which results in an indoor cooling effect by drawing in fresh air and expelling warm, stagnant air. This is especially beneficial during the hot summer months.

Air supply

The Supply Air Mode is a key feature of the Unohab system. Complying with the latest Building Regulations Approved Document F1, Airflow’s compatible QuietAir range of extractor fans, located in the bathrooms and kitchen, can be linked to the Unohab controller. When independently activated ‘on demand’ by their integral humidity sensor due to bathing, washing, cooking, etc,  they will communicate with the Unohab units in the dwelling to switch to a supply air only condition while the fan is operating.

Their purpose is to ensure fast effective extraction is maintained in the wet rooms by delivering ‘make up’ supply air into the dwelling and allowing circulation throughout the home via the 7600mm2  undercut air gap in internal doors.

Quick commissioning

For easy commissioning, the Unohab software has been designed to be both intuitive and logical and designed for quick and easy set up using either a laptop or by using the master controller to manually programme various settings including room unit identifiers, minimum background flow rate and filter change period.

For the end user there is a clear LED indication of which mode has been selected, fan speed and an LED alert to remind of an upcoming air filter service requirement.

Supported by a range of dedicated installation kits and sensor options, Unohab is a fully expandable ventilation with heat recovery system which offers a quick-to-fit, economic alternative to more cumbersome ducted systems, with effective ventilation options from a single room to an entire home.


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