Explore the benefits of Infrared heating

The range of infrared panel heaters from Mirrorstone provide a solution for homes and businesses looking to make the most of limited space and to cut heating bills. Unlike traditional convection heaters, infrared heats the objects in a room and not the air, which is considered to be more energy efficient.

At just 22mm thick, the IR heaters are sleek and space-saving, especially when fixed to a wall or a ceiling. Conventional storage heaters are generally mounted low on a wall where there could be safety risks, but IR Panels can be placed high up where they’re safely out of the way.

The Image IR Panels (pictured above) from Mirrorstone allow customers to select an image from a wide range of choices to be printed directly on the surface of the heater, turning the heating element into a work of art. Customers can also provide an image of their own to be printed on the panel, such as a picture from the family album or the internet.

Other infrared panel heater options from Mirrorstone include mirrored panels, glass panels and white panels that can be concealed within a suspended ceiling.

The IR panel heaters come with a five year warranty as standard and require no servicing throughout an expected 30 year life span.

Mirrorstone Heating is offering retailers the opportunity to become resellers of its infrared heating products. To find out more, phone Mirrorstone Heating on 0116 436 2250 or visit the website at www.mirrorstoneheating.co.uk

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