Extra comfort and improved efficiency

Claiming to set a new industry benchmark for energy efficiency and continuous heating, Toshiba has launched the three-pipe heat recovery VRF air conditioning system. The SHRM-e has achieved 8 ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) in most capacities.

Development in key technologies, such as the compressor and intelligent control system, mean the unit can be claimed to deliver improvements across the board in terms of occupant comfort, ease of installation and breadth of building application.

The new rotary compressor uses a two-stage process for improved efficiency and performance. Wear surfaces on compression vanes are treated with a high-tech Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, giving outstanding hardness, wear resistance and reliability. It enables a significant increase in compressor rotation speed.

The SHRM-e is able to provide continuous heating, with no requirement to stop during defrosts. The intelligent operation is based on dual set points, giving improved comfort and greater energy efficiency.

Toshiba’s new wireless commissioning and performance validation tool enables engineers to read and write data to the condensing unit using a smartphone. It  also enables testing and commissioning to be carried out without taking the covers off the unit. Performance data and status reports can be automatically emailed to the end users or engineer, enabling remote diagnosis and even system optimisation.

Maximum pipework length for SHRM-e is 1000m, double the previous length, with the maximum actual length between an FS unit and a fan coil unit now 50m.


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