Flexible pipework solution for Tottenham Stadium

Victaulic, the mechanical pipe joining systems manufacturer, has revealed how its products have played a key role in ensuring that the recently constructed Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London is one of the best in Europe. The company provided the fittings, 627 check and butterfly valves, and in excess of 10,000 couplings that were installed by mechanical services company Price Building and which now help to ensure the flow of cold, heated and chilled water systems around the stadium.

As a flame-free method, grooved mechanical pipe-joining removes the many health and safety concerns associated with welding and thereby eliminates the risk of fire and the need for special fire safety precautions during installation and maintenance. Overall, it helped to increase the installation speed and reduce the need for hot works, thus delivering greater onsite safety and reducing cost.

Victaulic’s StrengThin 100 System was widely installed on the stadium’s boosted cold water services due to its low weight and easy installation. The product is the industry’s first grooved mechanical piping system that is specifically designed to perform up to 16 bar on thin wall 304/316 stainless steel pipe. The innovation drastically improved the efficiency of onsite material handling by taking away the challenges of welding thin wall stainless steel pipe and again reducing overall installation costs.

Training sessions

To accelerate the process and ensure quality, Victaulic regularly provided Price Building’s staff – who were installing their products – with training sessions. This ensured they were up to date with the newest insights on the pipe installation process and proper, leak-tight system installation.  This collaboration saved significant installation time by increasing efficiency amongst all the key partners.

While the stadium is now complete, any future engineering updates will only further showcase the benefits of the company’s pipework solution. The entire installed piping system can be dismantled, remodelled or interchanged, while the design also ensures easy access for quick and cost-effective maintenance.


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