Free infrared thermometer offer from Kamco

A special summer promotion has been announced by Kamco where installers who purchase one of the company’s Clearflow power flushing kits (which includes a hose and adapter) will also receive a free infrared thermometer, worth £40.

An infrared thermometer with laser dot guidance is a quick and easy way to check how even a radiator’s temperature is across its surface, something that heating engineers should check before recommending a power flush. Any cold areas are an indication that a build-up of sludge and corrosion debris is probably restricting the flow of hot water. The thermometer is a handy tool to demonstrate where a heating system is lacking, as well as enhancing the professional image of the installer.

Kamco points out that summer is a great time for engineers to promote a power flush of older systems, to restore efficiency at a time when heating is not so critical and inconvenient to a householder. Clearflow pumps generate a high velocity flow of water that impacts on and dislodges sludge and corrosion deposits. Heating the system to 50°C once the flushing chemical has been added will speed up the process, while the cleaning process will be improved by rapidly reversing the flow of water to create turbulence in radiators. Fresh water can then driven through the system to purge the debris to waste.

During the power flush engineers should continually check radiator temperatures, and once they are consistent all over, and the system water is clear, then the power flush has been successful.

The promotional offer of a free infrared thermometer starts on 1st July and runs for three months while stocks of the thermometer last.

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