Full heating solution saves on energy use

Ambion, the manufacturer of computer-controlled infrared (CCIR) space heating technology, has expanded its portfolio to include KERS water heating systems, providing a low-carbon heating solution that will meet the needs of the Future Homes Standard.

KERS is an indoor heat pump with integrated mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) which works by recycling the warm air generated inside a home, such as in the kitchen and bathroom, to produce hot water without the need for an electric immersion heater.

As well as boosting EPC scores, the CCIR and KERS combination can help to reduce fuel poverty by reducing energy bills. The company claims that CCIR uses 60% less energy than standard convection systems, while KERS uses 70% less energy than standard water heating systems.

Both systems also provide a more comfortable experience for residents. CCIR heats the materials in the room rather than the air, providing a more comfortable source of heat, and reducing damp and circulating dust, while KERS removes condensation and humidity.

Oliver Baker, CEO at Ambion, comments: “We know from working with several social housing providers that they are looking for easy-to-install, cost-effective and highly efficient solutions to help them meet their EPC obligations and support the financial and emotional wellbeing of their residents. CCIR is a low carbon source of heat and KERS converts waste heat into low-cost, renewable hot water, so together they provide a solution that can achieve a significant reduction in carbon emissions.”


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