Gas pipe comes with an extra sleeve

TracPipeCC is a dual skinned product which is designed to be used as a pipe-in-pipe system for vertical and horizontal unventilated risers.

The ‘CC’ in the name refers to ‘complete containment’ semi-rigid gas pipe made of corrugated stainless steel. The product is the same as the original BS 7838 approved TrackPipe, only it also has an additional polyethylene outer cover with inner ridges. The inner ridges create channels to allow any possible escaping gas for from the steel pipe or primary (inner) cover to ventilate to a safe space.

The pipe still bends by hand with no specialist tools or hot work required, and it’s faster to install than rigid materials like copper and steel. The product also negates the need to install a secondary containment sleeve.

Installers can use TracpPipeCC on horizontal and vertical runs, as the ridges on the internal surface offer support to the internal pipe whilst also maintaining the channels for free movement of gas should there be an escape.  It can be supported with standard clips/brackets as well as on cable trays or baskets.

TracPipeCC is suitable for use in fire protected areas such as protected shafts, escape corridors and lobbies when installed in continuous lengths (without joints). It can also be used in all of the usual applications for the original TracPipe, including for direct burial in the ground and screed.



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