Government-backed project to assess heat pump feasibility

The government is inviting heat pump experts to help with a £16.5m project aimed at investigating the potential for a large-scale roll-out of heat pumps across the country by installing them in a representative sample of 750 homes.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has unveiled plans for a new project that will see heat pumps installed in a range of housing types, spread across different types of properties and social groups. The aim of the Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project is to establish the feasibility of a large-scale roll-out of heat pumps in the UK, alongside new products and services designed to overcome some of the perceived barriers to deployment.

The projects hopes to recruit enough participants to deliver 1800 home-suitability surveys, with the majority of properties on the gas grid. Following a study of those reports, 750 heat pumps will be fitted in a representative sample of households.

Approximately £16.5m will be made available to finance the project, and BEIS is seeking to appoint a management contractor  and three regional delivery contractors. An independent evaluation contractor will also be appointed to evaluate the overall delivery of the project against the agreed performance indicators and metrics. The contract will be for an initial period of 29 months, with the possibility of an extension of up to a further 24 months, in order to continue monitoring properties.

The three key objectives as laid out by BEIS are, firstly, to develop, test and evaluate innovative products and services that increase the appeal of heat pumps and identify optimal solutions for a wide range of homes.

Secondly, to demonstrate that heat pumps, including gas-electric hybrids, can deliver high consumer satisfaction across a wide range of consumers in Great Britain.

Thirdly, to demonstrate the practical and technical feasibility of heat pumps, including gas-electric hybrids, across the country’s diverse housing stock.

Members of the public will be able to participate in the project, which will involve the installation of free heat pumps and energy efficiency upgrades in eligible homes, although details of how they could apply have yet to be announced.

BEIS is inviting bids from any organisation or consortium which can meet the expected criteria set out in the tender documents. The deadline to register interest is 25th September (2pm). For details on how to register interest, simply visit the website below.

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