Harrowing footage of tool thieves in daylight robbery

A plumber has lost his livelihood and peace of mind after a gang of five men robbed tools from his van in broad daylight, just feet from his front door. Matthew O’Shea, 46, witnessed the attack earlier this month from inside his home with his daughter and grandson as one of the men barricaded the door while the others pillaged the van. 

The robbers stole £2500 worth of tools and caused £1500 of damage to the van. Thanks to a doorbell camera, Matthew was able to capture a 30 second video of the attack, which shows one of the gang threatening him with his own drill. 

The self-employed plumbing and heating engineer from Coalville, Leicestershire, had returned home to check on his eight-month-old grandson and daughter when he noticed the gang outside and realised they were robbing his van. 

“I had just sat down for some lunch and I looked out the window and saw these guys,” Matthew explained. “I said to my daughter ‘these look dodgy’. I saw they were breaking into my van. I ran straight round to the front door but they were holding it shut.”

Matthew eventually managed to open the door and ring the doorbell to trigger a 30 second video recording of events.

As he shouted for them to stop, the thugs repeatedly told Matthew to ‘f*** off’ before one grabbed a drill from the van and brandished it at its owner. Although Matthew was bigger than the young men, he didn’t physically confront them for fear he would ‘get stabbed’ and worried that they might turn to harm his daughter and grandson.

Matthew then called 999 before jumping into his van to pursue the gang, who sped off in a grey BMW. He followed them for four or five miles before they got away.

Leicestershire Police are investigating the incident, which they believe may be linked to a string of similar thefts in the Charnwood area. No arrests have been made.

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