Health and safety guide for plumbers

To mark World Plumbing Day (11 March), health and safety training provider CE Safety has released helpful guidance on managing health risks within the plumbing industry. Using data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), CE Safety identifies the most common health risks for plumbers and offers recommendations on how to prevent disease and injury.

The guidance can be accessed by clicking here.

In 2019 the HSE reported that 1.4 million workers suffered from an illness or injury that was caused within or by their place of work. For those in the construction industries, these health risks increase substantially due to exposure to harmful materials and high-risk work environments.

The data suggest that within the plumbing industry, 2930 workers (per 100,000 people) experienced problems with respiratory illnesses and skin disease, with further concern over HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome).

The guidance from CE Safety addresses the causes and preventative measures plumbers can take to avoid these illnesses and injuries.

Gary Ellis from CE Safety comments: “One of the biggest organs affected by plumbing and construction work is the skin, particularly on the hands. Plumbers use their hands as their main tool, so keeping the skin on your hands in good condition is extremely important to avoid a painful or complete inability to work.

“Take preventative measures where possible, check the skin frequently to catch any problems in their early stages and take measures immediately to treat any soreness, redness or cracking, before it can become something more serious.”

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