Heat pump academy to train up to 4000 installers

EDF is partnering with Clacton-based heat pump installer, CB Heating, to offer EDF’s 3 million customers an end-to-end installation journey through CB Heating’s Heat Pump Installer Network – with 500 approved heat pump installers in the UK.

The investment will also deliver nationwide training through a ‘Heat Pump Installers Network Academy’ (HPIN). EDF says it will take a regionally focused approach with training so it can work directly with smaller businesses and local installation firms. Currently, there are less than 4000 qualified heat pump installers (according to the latest MCS estimates) in the UK compared to more than 100,000 Gas Safe engineers. The Academy has the potential to train up to 4000 new heat pump installers per annum from autumn 2022.

The new service offering coincides with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which will provide customers with upfront grants of £5000 to reduce the cost of installing eligible heat pump systems. The scheme will be open to voucher applications on the 23rd of May.

Clayton Browne, MD of CB Heating, says: “The creation of our Heat Pump Installer Network (HPIN), has enabled us to carry out installations on a national scale by working with local heating companies across the UK. HPIN embraces a real sense of togetherness working together, sharing our 20 years specialist knowledge and experience with existing heating companies with training and support as they transition from fossil fuel boilers over to low carbon heat pump technology. Customers can have the confidence of buying from a national company they can trust whilst supporting small business locally.

“Our new HPIN training academy will be able to train over 4000 engineers a year with dedicated heat pump training facilities unlike anything else currently available to any heating installer in the UK”

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