Heat pumps that keep the noise down

Two new air source heat pumps have been introduced by Viessmann – the Vitocal 200-A and Vitocal 222-A. Featuring new noise-reduction technology, the new units are said to be suitable for densely built-up areas such as terraced housing estates, and both have high energy efficiency with low operating costs.

With outputs of 2.3 to 11.8 kW, and with a reversible circuit within a single unit to enable switching between heating and cooling, the Vitocal 200-A and 222-A are identical except that the 222-A has an integrated 220-litre domestic hot water cylinder.

The heat pumps come with separate indoor and outdoor units connected by water pipes. The outdoor unit contains one or two fans (depending on power output), while the wall-mounted indoor unit is quiet enough to be installed close to living areas. For ease of installation, no refrigeration leak test is required because the cooling circuit is hermetically sealed, and no F-gas certificate is needed because the connecting pipes to the outdoor unit are filled with water.


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