Heat recovery for student homes

Uni-X is a new heat recovery range from Nuaire which has been specifically designed for use in student accommodation, offering high efficiency and low noise levels to help create the ideal environment for studying. The range includes options for studio, 4, 8 and 12-bed clusters, making it a versatile multi-occupancy solution.

With a maximum depth of just 295mm, the range fits neatly into low ceiling voids. The 12-bed clusters system, UNI-X580, is claimed to be the only one of its kind in the student accommodation sector, and pro-mises to give customers greater flexibility and ease of installation, allowing them to ventilate larger clusters with just one heat recovery system.

The casing design of the UNI-X range boasts internal profiling and external acoustic cladding to ensure ultra-low noise levels. The range also benefits from three speed settings and an automatic 100% bypass facility, which will deliver fresh, clean air in the summer months.


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