Helping installers to pinpoint ECO households

An online mapping app, commissioned by the energy market regulator Ofgem and created by Scottish technology company thinkWhere, is now  available for use by installers. The system is designed to help cut energy usage with home improvement measures through the Government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme (ECO).

The tool was initially developed to assist in the verification of energy efficiency measures installed under the Carbon Saving Community Obligation (CSCO) in the first ECO scheme ECO. Now updated, the look-up tool quickly identifies if properties may be eligible for support under the rural element of the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) part of the latest ECO3 scheme. Under ECO, large energy providers are obligated to fund the installation of energy efficiency measures in consumer households. Each supplier has a target, based on its market share, and will work with installers to introduce energy efficiency measures such as insulation or heating measures

The postcode checker is an easy to use online tool that determines if an individual property may be eligible for support. Combining publicly available datasets with advanced web mapping tools, users can simply enter a postcode to see if the property falls within an eligible area. Users can also undertake advanced searches using additional filters such as local authority or census output areas. The advanced Validation tool is designed for use by Ofgem as the ECO administrator, energy suppliers and those within the ECO supply chain wishing to validate ECO-specific data.

In addition to developing the original tool with Ofgem and updating it as new policies are introduced under the ECO scheme, thinkWhere also hosts the solution and provides on-going support and data maintenance. The tool can be accessed at

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