High temperature range that runs on waste heat

The new Exergy Series heat pumps from Trane deliver heating capacity of up to 120°C and can replace oil and gas boilers in industrial process, buildings and district heating applications. 

These heat pumps can source energy from natural water as well as wastewater or industrial processes, at a temperature range between -20°C and +45°C. This gives customers operational flexibility and widens the scope of applications, where this energy can be recovered, extracted and used as a source for efficient and environmentally responsible heating. 

Available in capacities between 30 to 2000kW , these heat pumps feature the near-zero global warming potential (GWP) R-1234ze refrigerant. The technology offers up to 400% higher efficiency compared to most fossil fueled boiler systems and is designed to recover waste heat at cooling plants to generate hot water and recover heat from municipal or industrial waste waters, which can then be used in industrial processes or channelled into the district heating network.

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