Homeowners need Covid reassurance from installers

Installers should reassure homeowners they are taking the essential steps to protect their health and safety, as new research by ATAG Heating reveals that one in three people are nervous about opening their doors to a tradesman during the second lockdown of 2020.

The company suggests that taking simple actions before and during home visits – such as calling the customer in advance to discuss what to expect and always wearing a mask – will help essential servicing, repair and installation work continue smoothly.

Older homeowners are the ones with the biggest fears about having work done in their home at this time, with two in five of those aged over 55 saying they felt uncomfortable with it.

Installers in the north east of England and the East Midlands should be most aware of these feelings, with those regions being the most anxious, whereas the warmest welcome for a visiting tradesperson is to be found in London, where more than half (53%) of people are comfortable to welcome a tradesperson in.

Safe practices to work in other people’s homes have been laid out by the government to allow work to continue throughout lockdown. These include wearing face coverings, maintaining social distancing, cleaning down surfaces, working back to back or side by side rather than facing colleagues and bringing your own food and drink instead of taking anything from the customer.

ATAG has created a useful sign for installers to show customers to reassure them they are working safety and to these guidelines.

David Stolton, sales director at ATAG, comments: “With millions working from home over the winter, having a warm house all day every day has never been more important so it’s vital installers can reassure their customers that they are working safely. Emailing or calling ahead with what to expect ahead of your arrival, making sure that you are wearing the appropriate mask and additional safety equipment and having the boiler delivered direct to the home are all ways of reassuring the customer that you are taking their health and safety seriously.”

To download the safe working sign and find out more about becoming an ATAG Selected Partner, visit https://blog.atagheating.co.uk/covid-19-safe-working-practices

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