How a steaming hot water tap can help save water

March 22nd is World Water Day and InSinkEarator has taken the opportunity to promote the water saving benefits of its 3N1 steaming hot water tap. The manufacturer points out that UK households needlessly and unintentionally waste gallons of water every day and is encouraging consumers to think more about the water they waste and ways they can reduce water waste in the home.

By making small behavioural changes and choosing more water efficient products, households can save resources, as well as save space and increase convenience in the home. It is a common misconception that water efficiency comes from simply restricting the amount water we use, however, water efficiency is all about reducing the amount of water wasted on a daily basis.

A significant amount of water is wasted every day while households wait for hot water to reach taps from an often distant source. By delivering just the right amount of water necessary, an InSinkEarator 3N1 steaming hot water tap eliminates the wasted water that results from an overfilled kettle.

Marketing Communications Manager Anne Kaarlela comments: “World Water Day is a great opportunity for us all to remember that we need to be more vigilant and think about the water we waste. At InSinkErator we will continue to promote water saving in the home and offer affordable and stylish solutions to consumers.”

For more information about the 3N1 steaming hot water taps go to the website at

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