How smart installers can up their earnings

A record surge in home automation and smart home installation jobs has created a new multi-million pound market for experienced tradesmen, with in-demand trades enjoying a significant increase in earnings – that’s the conclusion of online local services provider following an analysis of over six thousand related tasks posted over the last year. Job requests range from setting up entire connected smart home systems, automating individual devices to helping set up Google Home and Alexa Echo smart speakers. The company suggests that professionals working in the home services sector could be missing out on thousands of pounds of work if they ignore the smart home installation market.

“There’s a sizeable shortage of suitably skilled and experienced workers who can help owners set up devices in their homes,” said Sohrab Jahanbani, founder and CEO of “This is presenting a substantial earning opportunity for a range of traditional trades who want to get involved in installing new technologies. Now’s the perfect time for local service professionals to get involved and establish their presence and future proof their business.

“In recent years, we’ve seen more and more big retailers offer these services to customers buying smart home devices that either includes a set-up charge from the retailer or it’s a hidden fee that is absorbed into the price. However, the massive surge in demand presents local professionals the perfect opportunity to offer their services at a much more competitive rate while still offering an attractive profit margin.”

Growing at 19% a year, the UK smart home market is estimated to be worth up to £2.2bn and is the second largest in Europe. Just under a tenth of homes are now controlled remotely and those containing smart speakers has doubled to 10%.

“We’re noticing an increased demand for smart home installation generalists who know how to synchronise overall systems,” adds Jahanbani. “For example, this year we’ve seen over 400 requests from people looking for help with setting up their new Alexa Echo and Google Home devices, with an average payment of £50 per hour.”

The number os smart home projects listed on has surged by 78%.  For a guide to smart home installation, with tips on how to get started, please click here.

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